keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

Major news

Some of you might have already noticed that our logo has popped up in a fantastic blog written by fabulous Annica. Therefore we are happy to announce that Lilla company has started co-operation with minor de:talesI have to admit that Mama is proud because her little company is up there with 2 big names, Oii Design and Minibots. :)

This co-operation is part of our conquer the world -strategy, ha ha, and I believe it is going to be great for us but for our customers as well. Annica knows so much about children's clothing and she will be telling us about trends in Australia. So maybe one day we will have e.g. Minti and Munster Kids in our selection... ;) So thank you Annica for contacting us!!

And all you beautiful Finnish bloggers: there is absolutely no need for you to worry. We still want to do all kinds of giveaways and campaigns with you as well. So if you have something new or special on your mind, contact us and let's see what we can do together :)

5 kommenttia:

  1. Milloin tulee mini rodinin uutuuksia myyntiin?

    1. Toimitus on matkalla meille ja toivotaan, että saadaan nuo viimeistään ensi viikolla kauppaan. Kannattaa seurailla Facebook-sivujamme, koska siellä ilmoitamme heti uusien tuotteiden saapumisesta. :)

  2. Hi Jenni,

    thanks for such a nice post. I am looking forward to bring some new australian labels to your attention :) And I am proud to be sponsored by such a cool company! I am such a massive fan of Finnish design :)