maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2012

CPH Kids, finally

I have had so much hassle and bassle during the last week that I completely forgot to write about my trip to CPH Kids. Sorry! Last August I was like Alice in wonderland when visiting that fair but this second time around wasn't that fabulous. Just kidding or vitsi, vitsi, like Finnish comic character Jani-Petteri would say. It was great, it was beautiful, it was fantastic!

Only downside was that I forgot to take my wallet with me... Luckily my husband flew to CPH on Friday evening so he was there to buy me food and stuff :) 

I had arranged 7 appointments for myself; 4 for Friday and 3 for Saturday. Those were all with brands I already have in Lilla company being Milibe, Nova Star, Mini Rodini, Hjorth, Katvig, Gro Company and Mini Nümph & Kulör. Also I spent quite a lot of time at Molo Kids stand because their Finnish sales manager Laura was there. P.S. Thanks for the lunch Laura! <3


Again I was lucky to meet the head designers or founders of each brand. It is nice to talk with them in order to get a good perspective about their brands, clothes they sell and so on. Also, I was very happy that everybody remembered me from last year and were interested how Lilla company has taken off :)

Only new brand I found from the fair was Swedish Ebbe Kids. I will tell more about it later on. :)

Kuten varmaan huomaatte, olen aloittanut blogin kirjoittamisen englanniksi. Tämä on osa Lilla companyn maailmanvalloitusstrategiaa ja toivon, ettei kukaan pane sitä pahakseen :)

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